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Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States
Yes, hi, hello.
I'm Zero and I draw stuff.

I've been drawing since 2005, I attended an art school as a media arts and animation student. That's just a fancy way of saying moving picture maker slave. And in 2015 I acquired a pretty but useless piece of paper stating that I have a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts. Since then I have been doing freelance illustration work solely because, even though I have a degree in it, I'm not wholly in love with doing animation.
I would have gone for an illustration degree, but they didn't have it at the time, so I went with what best allowed me to use my skill sets. Eh, details.

Aside from that, I live in the middle of nowhere with my fiancee, her three rats, my turtle, our dog, two roosters and about thirty hens.

I'm drowning in estrogen, pls send halp.

Alright, so I've gotten asked a lot in the last couple of days "Do you take point commissions?", and to that I've answered with "No. No, I do not". There's a slew of reasons, which I don't typically go into when answering someone, but I figured it might be easier to get it all written out to sort of explain my reasoning for it. 

DA takes a 20% cut.
This isn't really a problem, it's their system and I understand the need for a percentage charge. That's all gravy, baby. 

I read that there's also a fee, for non-premium members of something like $1 USD to pull out/convert your points to RL cash as well. Which is fine, when I'm a premium member but assuming that if you pull it out using PayPal, PayPal also generally tends to take a fee too. I'm not sure if that's something that still happens or not, so if you know, please tell me. But if that's the case, that means that I'm losing roughly 23% of my earnings between DeviantArt and PayPal. That's a really, really large slice of my monthly income. It's almost a full quarter of what I would be making just taking commissions for USD. Where as, if I use just PayPal and USD, I lose a measly 3% to their specific fees. 

If I take ten $25 USD (2,500 points) commissions, I stand to lose close to $62 USD between DA and PP. Which, right there, is roughly half my portion of the electric bill.

Where as with JUST PayPal I only lose about $7.50 USD for ten $25 USD commissions. 

That's a MASSIVE difference.

Alright, so if that's an issue then why not just raise your prices?
That is, of course, an option. For a minute, let's pretend that I do that.
My $25 USD commissions (2,500 points) are now priced here on DA at 3,200 points ($32 USD). Which means, when DA takes its cut I'd receive $25.60 and if PayPal fees are a thing (like I said, I dunno if they are so if you do, please let me know) I'll end up with roughly $24.80, which is about right.

However, that means I have to go through and check and recheck to make sure that I have all the prices right so I'm not getting screwed. And that's a lot of extra work for me on top of my standard commission queue. 

Let's not forget that there's also a two week wait period to pull out the points as well, which is rather stressful for someone like me. Mostly because I work so quickly and efficiently because I need cash in hand to keep a roof over my head. But it might not be so bad, considering that DA has never really been my main platform for bill money.

This is really just my understanding of how the system works from the stuff that I've read through. So if I've gotten anything wrong, please let me know, since I've been researching it for a bit now.

In the end, those are the most major points for why it is that I don't do point commissions. It's just my personal preference on the matter. 

I do feel bad for sort of excluding a group of people that enjoy my work based solely on the fact that I don't use a system that they do.

So, if this is something that most of you are really interested in seeing me do and would be fine with the 20% price hike on my pieces in points, then it's something that I might not mind working on doing. It just wouldn't happen overnight and it might take me a bit to actually be able to open up for stuff.


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JohnNat852 Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist


Your art is quite amazing!

I thinks it’s quite fabulous to look at.
Especially the lines and sexy coloring!.
I like!

^ v^

sambeawesome Featured By Owner 3 days ago
Thank you so much for the watch! I Love You Emote I really appreciate it and I'm glad you like my artwork Huggle! 
If you'd like, feel free to check out my YouTubeTwitchTwitter, or Facebook.big pink heart 
Lunulka Featured By Owner May 14, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you for watch! :heart:
N4ERO Featured By Owner May 5, 2017
Thank you for the badge ! Bunny Emoji-68 (Bouncy) [V4]
xXSnowystarXx Featured By Owner May 3, 2017  Student General Artist
OMG Thanks for the llama! I gave you one back! Ah! I'm so honored! Your one of the people that inspire me to draw... so thank you... you've made my dad. 

Senpai has noticed me... o///o
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